Andy Dexterity – a basket case

*lights up. A bearded man sits in a comfortable-looking, squeaky floral-print armchair* (bearded man is actually me)

I love the song “A-Tisket A-Tasket”.

Ever since I bought a copy of Ella Fitzgerald singing it on vinyl 3 years ago, I have worn a groove in it so deep, i can’t get out of it!

So – my friend Emma’s birthday is coming up, and due to my lack of funds at the time, i decide to prepare a birthday performance as her present. No… nothing like THAT, just something memorable… and fun that i had clearly put a lot of effort into.

I was up all night learning all the words to “A-Tisket A-Tasket” and translated it into Australian Sign Language.

Let me tell you – it wasn’t easy finger-spelling gibberish words at Ella speed!

I practiced a few times for my dancing students, once for mum, I even had a drunken rehearsal with a camera in my room.

Emma’s birthday had arrived… we were both sitting parked in her car… I  am ready to exit the veichle when i ask her to plug in my phone to her car stereo…

I roll my seat back in the car… and the bongos begin…

the stereo is maxed-out playing old school Ella as I become possessed with some sassy mamma and her posse of friends – all within the confines of the passenger seat.

and we were both in hysterics when Emma realised there were people in nearby cars watching.

After the show had ended, the first thing Emma said was – “(extended pause) … we have to film this”.

And no joke.

Within 24 hours, we hired equipment, sourced costumes and booked a shoot location.

It was a 43 degree (Celsius) day in Ryde that day. No wind. A school excursion was taking place and I was running around looking a little questionable really… and we shot this little gem all within 40 minutes.

Here is the latest sign language extravaganza from Em & Andy – “Yellow Basket” filmed by the everyday-is-her-birthday girl, Emma Watkins.

*fades to black*



  2. Andy dexterity I love your beautiful interpretations. You are clever and theatrical and gorgeous… And you can MOVE!!! Please keep giving us these amazing music/Auslan videos. X

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