Kimbra & Andy Dexterity get their Sign Language on!

it all started back in April of 2014 with this little video:

Well this little video somehow found Kimbra – and her Artistic Director, Thom Kerr contacted me the same day wanting to ‘talk ideas’.

How exSIGNting!? because, I HAVE IDEAS!

Within minutes, I was sent the track.

’90s Music’…

I spent a day playing it on repeat in the car and came up with this mostly whilst sitting at the traffic lights (some of it whilst not at the traffic lights):

add into the pot – an awesome team of directors, designers and animators – we came up with this AMAAASIGN spectaular:

surreal – it all happened so fast and now i’m lying in bed watching my work in a music video of someone whom i admire

stoked – to see sign language hitting the spotlight!

excited – about projects to come!

and now for some things i’ve learnt (and things that came up):

collaboration – collaboration is the funnest way to create anything; everyone has their own unique ingredient to add and the end result is always surprising. I remember when I was younger, feeling the need to do everything on my own and say that it was all MY work – but who was I kidding?! I was just a result of everyone before me and those around me!

inspiration – draw upon the expressions from those around you and those who came before you; and ‘giving credit where credit is due’ proves great results because people feel more inclined to contribute when they feel acknowledged, and its a lot more fun.

respect – nobody is more important than anybody else in a creative team, or in the world for that matter.

Thanks for coming with me on this ride into the unknown,

the future is bright and sparkly,

i can feel it!

big love,




  1. LOve your community spirit Andrew…… such a Yogi !!! xx
    Fun to see your work: happy songs
    Kathy E

  2. It is very sad that they took down your video for copyright infringement. I find it absurd! Will we get it back?

  3. Your work is AWESOME..Pity your videos were blocked now due to copyright from WMG.. seems a bit unfair seeing as it was your work.. you should have copyright of your videos!

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