Andy Dexterity in shorthand

The Five Vowel Owls is a song I wrote to aid in teaching the five vowels in Auslan, also my first ever online video.

“No, I Will Always Love You’ is a live performance at Light The Night charity concert, raising money and awareness for Leukemia research. A collage of the song “I Will Always Love You” sung by both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, was used as a wallpaper for the two Divas to battle for the audience’s love.

“Weather You Realise” is an experimental film fusing the body, body art and animation, exploring the notion of being an extension of nature, or being nature itself. Collaboration with painter Luscha Porter and animation artist Justina Edwards.

“Champions” was made for inclusion in The 2014 Outgames Openning Ceremony, Darwin 2014

“Happy” is a sign language dance amalgamation. Performed with the Yellow Wiggle – Emma Watkins. Pharrell Williams shared this video on his facebook page back in 2004.